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Niigata Ekichikari Renovation vol.01 Sasaguchi SOHO

2019.2 Completion

Location Chuo-ku, Niigata City

Use One dwelling unit of an apartment house

Structure / construction method SRC construction

Floor area 59.18㎡

Construction type renovation

Construction of design

Shooting of Design Ryohei Suzuki

Nowadays, there is a shift to a free working style, and with the theme of enriching life by working and living in a local city, it is a renovation that considers what a better way of living is. This time, I designed a room in a condominium that is a 6-minute walk south of Niigata Station as a skeleton-renovated SOHO. As a model case for a light and free way of living, I would like to offer an option different from building a detached house with the scheme of "Niigata Ekichi Karinobe". The definition is "near Niigata station, old condominium, upper floor". By locating the area around the station with urban infrastructure, it is possible to achieve both the freedom of movement connecting cities by Shinkansen / airport and the convenience of daily life, and to achieve a compact living area, which reduces the gap with metropolitan areas. .. One of the merits of being near the station is that it is possible to rent it in the future, so it can be said that the risk of relocation according to the stage of usage is low. Also, when considering the use of social stock, the use of condominiums near stations is also an issue. By using an old condominium as a skeleton, the low price is a big advantage and you can reduce the ratio of spending on housing. I thought that it would be a mechanism to create value only in local cities. In addition to that, it can be said that it is indispensable to build a lifestyle by giving a way of living design as desired by free design. The landscape as a residence is also a big factor, and the landscape and views unique to rural areas are irreplaceable.

















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