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One-stop renovation

In order to renovate your building / condominium, it takes at least half a year or more to interact with many contractors such as property information, mortgages, building design, construction, etc.

In addition, after taking out a loan for a property, it is possible that the renovation cost will be insufficient, or that the desired renovation will not be possible due to physical restrictions and regulations of the property.

If that happens, the renovation will be ruined. Therefore, we provide a one-stop service for easy and enjoyable renovation by communicating with each vendor.

​For traditional design

Design office

Construction company

Interior shop

real-estate company

Customer Customer


​Customers need to interact directly with each company. .. ..

After- maintenance

For one-stop service

real-estate company


Construction company

Interior shop

​Of design

Customer Customer

After- maintenance

Because of design is the contact point with each company

All you have to do is interact with Obdesign!

One-stop benefits

(1) You can plan the total budget including the property purchase cost and the renovation cost before searching for the property, and you can make a loan with the total amount of both.


(2) Since a construction professional will accompany you to search for a property, you will be able to receive accurate advice regarding the physical restrictions of the property, whether or not construction is possible according to the rules, and the image of living after renovation.


(3) Since all the contact points are architectural professionals who firmly share the lives and values of our customers, we can create an ideal home in total. Thinking about money, properties, and communication is an important element that is indispensable for renovation. One-stop service is a shortcut to your ideal home.

​Overall flow

​Here, we will explain the general flow from property search to completed delivery.

real estate





Property search

Financing plan


Loan pre-screening

1 month

​Property acquisition

​Purchase certificate

​Investigation / diagnosis

​Loan main application

Money consumption rental contract (money consumption contract)

Property settlement

​Building registration



2 months

2 months

basic design

final design

Construction estimate

Estimate adjustment

Construction contract

Management association application

Neighborhood correspondence


Construction price settlement

​Start of construction

​Design supervision

3 months

Completion inspection


Construction price settlement

After service

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