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Reason to do

In recent years, " renovation" has become more popular in real estate advertisements and media.

The definition of the word is ambiguous, and it is tempting to put in a "renovation!" That a non-renovated property is being introduced and advertised as a "renovated property". *

The catchy words that reflect the times are used as a promotional phrase by real estate salespeople who deal with some used properties. This is because it is more profitable to clean the surface and sell it quickly without any hassle. If you understand it, there is no problem, but there are risks after purchase. Ignoring the true value and social significance of renovation would be a difficult decision for consumers, such as "renovation was needed a few years later." You need to make a decision that doesn't mean buying debt.

From a social point of view, RC buildings still exist for a long time, but if not handled properly, they will be left behind in the times and will remain unsuitable for modern lifestyles. The utility value will be impaired. Rather than just aging and declining in the middle of the town, I would like to find a new and valuable future through renovation from the experience I gained by renovating and living in a 40-year-old condominium .

* General difference between renovation and remodeling

Renovation is about maintaining the life of the building by performing appropriate renovations to suit the modern lifestyle .

It also includes improving the performance of the building, such as changing the floor plan and renovating the insulation.

Remodeling refers to relatively small-scale work to repair aging parts such as replacement of finishes and replacement of equipment.

Of design


Architects are not bound by preconceived ideas. This is because I think that the usage and concept of the place is important in the design proposal.

The function is also utilized in renovation.

For example, by listening to opinions from the property review stage, you can play a role as an expert in terms of the characteristics of the property and how to utilize it. Renovations may or may not have existing drawings, so they are often designed assuming hidden parts. With a view to adjustment after dismantling, we will connect it to the design based on those conditions. In other words, it is a brain that works with the owner.

Of design



Obdesign proposes a renovation by renovating the skeleton.

Skeleton repair is a method of repairing after removing the existing finish and dismantling it so that new equipment piping and heat insulation repair can be performed. Even if a new kitchen is refurbished, the plumbing and wiring that have been decades old are aging . The outer wall may have no or inadequate insulation. I think it is important to repair the invisible parts in order to continue using the building safely and comfortably.

As it is said that "pre-owned condominiums buy management", the maintenance of the entire building affects the comfort of life and anxiety about future aging. Even if you buy good management, your own part is overturned in the black box. This is the same for wooden houses. Also, if the existing finish is dismantled, the part hidden by the ceiling will become more spacious and the space will expand. It is also a point that by expressing the structure, it will be a tasteful finish unique to renovation that can not be reproduced in new construction. I think there is a future in which buildings will be stocked as vintage like jeans.

Of renovation


・ Ideal floor plan

Most of the newly built condominiums are created for families such as the uniform 3LDK, so it is difficult to meet niche demands. Renovation can give shape to ideals such as "I want to make it a studio" and "I want to make the bath bigger".

・ Easy to choose a good location

You can live in a popular area such as near a train station at a lower cost than a new construction. If it is in a good location, it can be rented as a rental condominium in the future. The advantage of a good location is to monetize it as a rental when it is no longer needed.

・ If the ceiling is removed, the space will become wider.

Normally, the ceiling is pasted, but if you represent the concrete structure, you can increase the ceiling height. The texture of concrete is also tasteful and unique to Renovation

・ It may be revealed after dismantling.

You may not have an existing drawing, or even if you have one, you may not be able to read it in the drawing. After dismantling, it may not be possible to make a wall in the expected position or it may be necessary to consider fine adjustment . It's a good idea to assume that there will be changes from the beginning as we will be renovating an existing building.

・ Some parts cannot be changed

Aluminum sashes and entrance doors are treated as common areas and cannot be replaced in many cases. To avoid the influence of windows, you can add a sash to the inside of the room. Other piping routes from the upper floors cannot be moved.

・ It is necessary to apply for construction to the management association

The contents differ depending on each management association, but it is necessary to specify the construction contents, period, and working hours.

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