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For your reference, we have summarized the frequently asked questions by category and in a question-and-answer format.
For detailed inquiries, we will answer by phone or email.

About our office

I would like to consult, will there be any costs?

Of course it's free.

Basically, there is no cost until you get a design supervision contract, so please feel free to contact us.

Can you see what you can do before signing a design supervision contract?

The first proposal is free.

We will consult and hear, and conduct a field survey of the site.

Based on those initial information, we will make a proposal in a plan view, model, etc. after considering and meeting in rough planning.

We will also present a financial plan.

If you agree with the initial proposal, it will be a contract.

How do you decide the design supervision fee?

In the case of a newly built detached house, we will consult with you according to the scale and budget based on 10% of the construction cost.

If the structural design supervision is outsourced, the actual cost will be charged separately.

In the case of stores, apartments, and remodeling, we will decide from the overall balance according to the scale.

I would like to build a beauty salon and a house together. Can I consult with a store?

Of course it is possible. We have store design know-how such as beauty salons and restaurants.

We can make well-balanced proposals according to the relationship with the house.

Doesn't the design office do the construction?

The design office is a design expert. The construction shop is a construction specialist.
The designer is in the position of the supervisor of the entire plan, whether the construction contractor is performing the construction properly according to the drawing, or whether the price is appropriate.

I think the ideal system is one in which designers and builders can cooperate with each other to demonstrate their expertise in manufacturing.

Is it possible to have a meeting at home because I have children?

Of course it is possible.

Whenever you enter the basic design, we will bother you once. We will check items that need to be measured, such as furniture brought in.
It may be a good idea to take a look at your home and use it as a design hint.

Is it possible to consult about seismic diagnosis and remodeling?

In addition to proposing seismic diagnosis and seismic retrofitting, we also propose interior coordination such as interior decoration.

Generally, it is cost-effective to carry out seismic retrofitting together with interior renovation.

Some local governments will subsidize the cost of seismic retrofitting, so make use of it.

About construction and construction shops


Can competitive bidding reduce construction costs?

We may ask about 3 companies to participate in competitive bidding.

As a merit, the principle of competition works, so you can decide the builder after comparing.

It is important to supervise from the designer's point of view so that it will not be cheap or bad.

If you decide on one company from the beginning and request a quote by special order, the merit is that the builder is also a person, so you can feel the "smartness" and establish a cooperation system.

I would like to ask an acquaintance's construction company, is it possible?

Is possible.
Constructors who can work in cooperation with the design supervisor on an equal footing are welcome.

It seems that painting can be done by the family, so can the cost be reduced by that amount?

You can reduce the cost. Our office ( Sasaguchi SOHO ) also painted and finished simple shelves with DIY.

I think that understanding the construction method in advance and enjoying DIY will also lead to attachment to the house.

Can you supply and install the materials I bought online?

The installation cost will be included in the estimate and implemented.

I would like to reduce the construction cost by using the separate ordering method. Can I ask for construction management and design supervision?

Is possible.

We will work together as a client's brain to build a house, including design, performance, cost analysis, and construction inspection.


About building performance


What are some ways to make a house resistant to earthquakes?

In the case of wooden construction, by increasing the bearing walls and strengthening the floor surface, it becomes a simple hard box.

In addition, there are various ways of thinking and technology, such as incorporating seismic control technology to prepare for aftershocks.

We can respect the customer's way of thinking and propose several methods.

I want to make a highly airtight and highly insulated house.

We evaluate the heat insulation performance by the energy calculation program and design the thickness of the heat insulation material, the performance of the sash opening, and the ventilation method.

In addition, design supervision such as appropriate airtight construction and prevention of internal dew condensation is important to achieve the performance as calculated.


About land


Can I consult before deciding to buy land?

We will check the land information and the site. We will check various laws and regulations, surrounding environment, etc.

You can consider it with a rough sketch etc. with a rough image, so I think that you will have less anxiety.

Is it possible to consult with store tenants?

We will visit the site and discuss whether it is a suitable place for the business.

You can also check the equipment status that you can see visually, so you can advise if there is any extra cost.

(Although it will be charged, detailed investigation can be done by arranging an equipment supplier.)

I have a height difference and a cliff. Can I consult with you?

Of course it is possible. The site with strict conditions is the specialty of the design office.

I'm worried about the ground, can you talk to me?

We will conduct a ground survey of all properties.

If you want to know in advance, you can guess from the survey data of neighboring properties and the surrounding situation.

About financial plan


What is the approximate total cost?

In the case of wooden construction, the unit price per tsubo is about 600,000 yen, but it varies depending on the specifications. For reference, we have created an estimated cost sheet.

At what stage can you see the quote?

When the basic design is finalized, we will make a rough estimate with the cooperation of the construction company.

After confirmation, proceed to implementation design.

I have a total budget, but I'm worried if it will fit within the budget.

We will present you with a financial plan. In addition, we have the know-how to reduce costs, so let's get the ideal space while maintaining the quality.


Warranty / aftercare


What about aftercare?

The construction company and our office will carry out regular inspections in one or two years.

If a problem occurs immediately after delivery, we will work with the construction company at any time.

Join the housing defect liability insurance

Due to the main part of the structural strength of the house and the part that prevents the ingress of rainwater, we will compensate for the repair cost if the basic strength or waterproof performance of the house is not satisfied. Even if the contractor goes bankrupt within 10 years after delivery, you can still get the warranty.

Ground guarantee system

Before building construction, we will conduct a ground survey to confirm that the ground is suitable for housing, and if it is judged to be soft ground, we will carry out ground improvement work (additional cost will be incurred). It is a system that compensates for damage to buildings due to uneven settlement.

Architect office liability insurance

In the unlikely event that an architect's office is liable for legal damages due to a business mistake, you can fulfill your "consumer protection" liability by receiving compensation.

Housing completion guarantee system (optional)

In order to minimize the burden on the ordering party (customer) when the construction is interrupted due to the bankruptcy of the contractor, etc. The deposit is paid within the limit.


About the use of various systems

I would like to consider Flat 35S, can you handle it?

It is possible.

Can you handle long-term excellent housing?

It is possible.

I would like to use the subsidy for seismic retrofitting of the local government. Can I include the procedure?

It is possible. We will confirm the budget frame and implementation time of the subsidy.

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