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​Personal renovation

We perform one-stop renovation of single-family homes centered on condominiums, from property search to financial planning, design, and supervision.


We value the image of lifestyle and propose the most suitable plan from the situation of the building and the budget.


In addition, we will consult on future plans from the beginning of housing construction. If you are premised on relocation, we will propose a financial plan, property conditions, and renovation with a view to ease of selling and lending.



​We will talk about your desired lifestyle, location conditions, money, and the process of completion.

Property search

We will search for the most suitable property based on the contents of the hearing.


We design the ideal space from the viewpoint of living style, performance, building structure, etc.


We communicate with the construction company, check the construction status, and inspect.


We will help you to rent a house and renovate it again as your lifestyle changes.

About rewards

・ A design fee will be charged. The design fee is 10% to 20% of the construction cost.

・ Introducing the design and construction by affiliated contractors.

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