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Renovation for rental owners and businesses

We plan and consult on renovation for opening new stores and renovation of rental properties.

We plan new stores and offices using vacant tenants, from planning to design and design consulting.

We provide overall support through renovation, including interior image and brand design.

Do you have an old and vacant apartment or an apartment that is still vacant?

How about trying to acquire new customers and increase the asset value by renovating such properties?

We support from one room to the study, planning, design, and attracting customers of the entire building.


​Policy planning

​Hearing problems, examining scenarios for solutions, assuming targets, examining concepts, simulating budgets


Design review, estimate adjustment, detailed review


​We communicate with the construction company, check the construction status, and inspect.

Attracting customers

​Advertising creation, customer attraction support

About rewards

・ A design fee will be charged. The design fee is 10% to 20% of the construction cost.

・ Introducing the design and construction by affiliated contractors.

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